Learning technologies has been one of the hardest, most challenging courses I have taken in my educational history, economics still has it beat though. This course has taught me what educational technology is and how it is being used in all grade levels. Creating a blog for my Web2.0 tool project was extremely challenging for me and pushed my thinking abilities in ways that I have never been asked to do. Using WordPress to create my blog helped me since it was an easier platform than some other blogs sites out there. WordPress is also convenient to use; there are many different interfaces that make it friendly and easy to use. One feature WordPress has is that it allows the user to customize their page. I was able to highlight the information on my webpage that I was posting (Webnology, n.d.).

After weeks of studying Web2.0 tools, the tool that I would be apt to use in the future for my professional life would be Desire-to-Learn Binder under the mobile learning section. I actually already use this application in my current position as a training manager, but being able to fully understand all of D2L Binder’s capabilities will greatly help me in the future. This portion of the class helped show me the reason why my company chose this application to teach from.  D2L Binder is a great interactive mobile tool that allows the user to view, write notes, highlight, underline and organize documents, lectures, notes or PowerPoint presentations (Binder, 2016).

In my personal life, once my daughter is old enough, I will use Khan Academy’s social and collaborative learning tool. This Web2.0 tool helps students with continuous learning during school and during school breaks. Khan Academy has content built for math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics and more to help students excel in subjects that usually need extra practice. Khan Academy’s delivery method for students is also what makes Khan Academy desirable for parents because it is built on videos for the kids to learn and study from, making it a great interactive lesson (Khanacademy, 2016).

This class has been very helpful in teaching me how to use a blog and has shown me how many tools we have at our fngertips to be mobile learners. However, I do not feel confidently enough in my blogging skills to share this page with friends, family or co-workers. I still need more fine tuning on my skills. Once I practice and start applying these skills that I was taught to my real life activities, I do see myself being proud enough to share my work.



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