About Blogs!

A blog is an amazing tool that has the ability to convey a nearly infinite amount of different subjects and resources, which is why I have chosen to use it for my online learning tool. Some people are of the opinion that blogs are just for bored housewives and video gamers, but they can be useful educational tools. In Williams (2004) article, Exploring the Use of Blogs as Learning Spaces in Higher Education Sector, he notes that one of the first major educational institutions to make use of an online blog was Harvard Law. One of the reasons blogs make such excellent learning tools is that they are extremely user friendly for both the reader and the creator. With this level of user friendliness comes a sense of informality, which can ease the initial feeling of intimidation that online learners can feel.

Another reason for using a blog is that it has become a useful tool in the world of business. Blogs are used to help create awareness about the company and promote more customer traffic than their regular website would (Wainwright, 2015). If a blog is well maintained and put together in a professional manner with quality information, it can drive long term results for the company.

I plan on using this Web 2.0 sharing tool in an informational, yet also informal way. I want this blog to have a relaxed feel about it for the viewers and the ease of use for the students who want to interact using the blog. By keeping this blog informal, my intended audience are students in a distance business learning school. These individuals want to gather as much knowledge about a business as they can and they do not want to have to hunt for the information. By creating this blog for online learners, they will be able to go to a section and gather key words from it in a short amount of time and move on to the next topic. The objective is to create a learning environment with a style that is relaxed and simultaneously informative.



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Wainwright, C. (2015). Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for Business and Marketing.            Hubspot. Retrieved from http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/the-benefits-of-business-blogging-ht#sm.0000e2rkpj63fdozqjm2bmxxq8vgk


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